Alvey's Semi-Truck Repair


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Dennis in Covington, OH *****
We were on I-65 and picked up a screw in our front tire. We called AAA. Alvey's came shortly and put on our spare tire. We drive a short distance, purchased a different tire and had it mounted as the flat was not salvageable. We were back on the road in 1 1/4 hours. The tow truck operator was very helpful. Friendly, courteous people and outstanding service!!
Paul in Louisville, KY *****
We had a tire go out on our way to Florida and called AAA. Brent from Alvey’s towing service came and was very professional and helpful. Changed our spare and we followed him back the shop and he immediately repaired our tire and got us back on the road and our way to Florida. Highly recommend Alvey’s towing and recovery to anyone!

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